The University of Sydney Science Society (SciSoc) has been making sure that campus-life is as fun, exciting and vibrant as it should be for every science student at the University of Sydney since 1904. Today, SciSoc boasts over 5600 members, including undergraduate and postgraduate students, staff members and enthusiasts of science at the University of Sydney. Here is only a taste of the diverse range of activities that we have planned for 2016:
  • REFRESHINGLY TASTY FORTNIGHTLY BBQs Every fortnight, SciSoc members will be fed with an all-you-can eat BBQ. Better yet, it's FREE if you come dressed in your 2017 SciSoc T-shirt!
  • CREATIVELY CRAZY COCKTAIL NIGHT A recent additon to the SciSoc calendar, you're guaranteed to have a blast at our annual cocktail night where you can dress-to-impress, mingle, take full advantage of the bar tab and show your latest moves on the dance floor.
  • THOUGHT-PROVOKING PUBLIC LECTURES, FORUMS AND DEBATES Learn about cutting-edge scientific research from world-renowned experts and discuss the impacts of science in current social, economic, legal and political issues.
  • USEFUL CAREERS SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS AND EXCURSIONS A science degree leads to so much more than just research in a lab! The Careers Program will allow you to develop job-seeking skills, network with potential employers, learn about scholarships, internships and graduate programs, and go on excursions to get first-hand experience of the company cultures and work environments.
  • CRAZILY FUN-TASTIC FIRST YEAR SCIENCE CAMP Science Camp is the perfect opportunity for newbie first years to get to know their classmates, make lots of new friends and find out more about all aspects of life at university from senior students. Sign up for 2017 here!
  • BRILLIANTLY BEDAZZLING BUCKY BALL Is it a black-tie formal? Is it a costume party? One thing is guaranteed – the annual Bucky Ball is the BIGGEST social event for science students at the University of Sydney. Dress up, eat, drink and be merry with your fellow science buddies!
  • ADRENALINE-PUMPING INTERFACULTY SPORTS SciSoc manages the Science Team in the SUSF Interfaculty Sports competitions for a huge range of team and individual sports - a tradition since 1939. Anyone can get involved regardless of experience level.
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