A Huge Thank-You to Cruise Attendees!

SciSoc thanks everyone who made the effort to join us on a cold Thursday night out on the harbour for our annual cruise! We're truly humbled by the huge amount of attendees (313, in case you were wondering). We saw in some absolutely amazing costumes, most of which were rather... eclectic choices of future occupations. Congratulations to our three prizewinners for best costumes, respectively Linus as a Space Pirate, Liam as a Blue Power Ranger and Will as a Ghostbuster! We hope you had as much of a smashing night as we did, and we hope to see you at more of our events, including our fortnightly barbecues and Bucky Ball next semester! Photos will be uploaded soon on our official Facebook page, so keep an eye out! NYE-LadyRose  

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