AGM Position Descriptions

Running a society is no easy task, but if you think what you have what it takes then we want YOU!


Please note EVERY executive member is expected to be available to help out with special society events, O-Week and O-Day stalls, SciSoc Camp (at the start of Sem 1), fortnightly Wed BBQs (for at least 1 hr), ticketing/merchandise stalls and various other activities. You should not apply if you believe you will not be available for these activities in 2017/18. It is expected that you will make every effort to leave a Wed slot open on your timetable for example ie. if you know you regularly work Mon/Wed/Fri, do to not apply as you will not be able to meet your executive duties.

With all that in mind, check out the available positions below and what they require of you:

President (Open to existing executive only) [Extremely Heavy Commitment]

Delegation, email answering, scheduling/rostering, final approval for events/other things eg. Social/Publicity plans, final editorial of Aqua Regia etc. and the person executives talk to if they’re saying WTF I don’t know what I’m doing.

Vice President [Very Heavy Commitment]

Helping the President with above roles and with anything that anyone else needs, the ordering and design of merchandise and related items and responding to Facebook page messages as required.

Secretary [Very Heavy Commitment]

Pre and post event form submissions, booking of rooms/venues, AGM/GM notifications and paperwork, taking of minutes and assistance with email answering on official email.

Treasurer [Very Heavy Commitment]

Handling of all money, writing/organising of cheques, consistent updating of excel money book, audit at end of financial year, receiving/keeping of all receipts for USU and delegation of funding (with President/Vice approval).

Publicity Officers [Heavy Commitment]

Publicity of all events at least 5 days prior to their happening on Facebook and on Instagram where appropriate and the creation of all marketing material.

Social Directors [Heavy Commitment]

Creation/planning/following through of all major/minor events held by the society, talking with companies/venue about events and all related communications and being in close contact with Pres/Vice/Sec/Tres throughout.

First Year Officer [Moderate Commitment]

Creation of First Year Committee (after camp) and leadership of this and the planning of First Year Camp and First Year Events with Social Directors.

Sponsorship Officer [Moderate Commitment]

Communication with a wide range of potential sponsor companies, networking with businesses about offers and future partnerships, creation of sponsorship deals with consolation and approval of Treasurer and keeping companies up to date with deal progress.

IT Officer [Moderate Commitment]

Maintenance/editorial/posting on SciSoc website, moderation of SciSoc social media platforms and maintenance of membership list from website and O-Week/Day.

Sports Officers [Heavy Commitment – must have Wednesdays completely free]

Planning/Facebook Promotion/Recruitment/Attendance at all Interfaculty Sporting Events, team organisation at sporting events and t-shirt hand out at sporting events.

Outreach Officer [Lighter Commitment]

Discussion with faculty representatives about faculty events/support and maintenance of the Society Office (ensuring it is clean and organised).

Welfare Officer [Lighter Commitment]

Looking after drunk first years on camp, handing out of first aid/condoms on camp, looking out for wellbeing of all SciSoc members and taking action in situations which could endanger students eg. sexual assault case reports.

Aqua Regia Editors [Moderate Commitment]

Publication of newsletter Aqua Regia every fortnight (in weeks without a BBQ happening) in given template and including all details give by President/Vice/Sec and the maintenance of our mailing list via the IT Officer.

If any of these positions interest you, please apply here!