Annual General Meeting!

The Sydney University Science Society will be hosting its Annual General Meeting to hear reports from outgoing executive, consider new constitutional changes, but most importantly, elect the new executive for the coming year! Nominate yourself here if you'd like the opportunity to help run this society and continue to make it as awesome as it is now (or possibly better, if that's your vision).

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall include: 1. Opening and welcome 2. Apologies and leaves of absence 3. Minutes of the previous meeting 4. Business arising from the minutes 5. Correspondence 6. Motions on notice 7. Annual Reports 7.1 President 7.2 Treasurer 7.3 Other Executive Members 8. Election of the Executive 9. General business

Roles to be elected

  • A President

  • A Vice President

  • A Treasurer

  • A Secretary

  • 2 Sports Directors (1 Male, 1 Female)

  • 2 Editors for the Society’s Publication “Aqua Regia”

  • 2 Publicity Officers

  • 2 Social Directors

  • A First Year Officer

  • A Welfare (SRC Liaison) Officer

  • An Information Technology Officer

  • An Outreach Officer


Duties of the executive:

The President shall:

  • Plan the Society’s activities in consultation with the Executive.

  • Liaise with the Executive and any Committees formed by the Society.

  • Ensure that all tasks necessary for the running of the Society are performed (either through doing them or delegating duties).

  • Maintain a register of all relevant keys and swipe cards held by members of the Executive and General Committee for the purpose of Society business.

  • Ensure an adequate handover, including any documents and materials, to the following Executive.

The Vice-President shall:

  • Deputise for the President.

  • Seek out prospective sponsors and produce material for distribution.

  • Organise meetings for the executive to showcase the Science society to said sponsors.

  • Write sponsorship contracts, to be signed by the President and company representative.

The Treasurer shall:

  • Maintain the Society’s finances in accordance with the Treasurer’s Handbook produced by the Clubs & Societies office of the University of Sydney Union.

  • Present to the annual General Meeting of the society a detailed report detailing financial activity and status of the society.

  • Present the Unaudited Income & Expenditure Statement and the Bank Reconciliation at the Club’s Annual General Meeting, otherwise known as the Treasurer’s Report.

  • Report to the executive committee as requested regarding the society’s finances

  • Ensure an adequate handover, including any documents and materials, to the following executive.

The Secretary shall:

  • Conduct the correspondence of the Society.

  • Book meeting rooms for the Society.

  • Keep minutes of the proceedings of all Society meetings.

  • Maintain the records and documents of the Society.

  • Maintain a list of current Members, in accordance with University of Sydney Union Guidelines.

  • Maintain the Society’s registration with the University of Sydney Union.

The Sports Officers shall:

  • Promote and encourage member participation in interfaculty sport events in

  • consultation with the society

  • Organise teams to compete in interfaculty sport

  • Attend sports events run by the society

  • Liaise with Executive members ensure all roles of the society are integrated

The Aqua Regia Editors shall:

  • Write for the society’s regular publication, the Aqua Regia

  • Edit the society’s publication

  • Distribute the society’s publication

  • Facilitate the aims of the Aqua Regia

  • Publish submissions from members of SciSoc executive committee and other contributors with purpose of communicating with ordinary society members

The Publicity Officers shall:

  • Increase awareness of the society and its events through creation and distribution of posters and handouts, lecture announcements, online media, the society’s newsletter and others

  • Design posters promoting major annual events

  • Manage and update the website, Facebook pages, and other relevant online pages.

  • Writing articles and posts to make sure these pages have regular new content.

  • Assist with writing and distributing the newsletter

The Social Directors shall:

  • Plan, organise and host events for all society members, including major annual events, as well as smaller events and charity events

  • Investigate availability, pricing, capacity, equipment and catering of venues for major events

  • Decide specific details of major events, including event size, themes, dress code, menu, et cetera.

  • Correspond with the professional events coordinators and venue staff for major annual events

  • Select and finalise dates and times for events with coordinators

  • Manage ticket sales for all ticketed events

The First Year Officer shall:

  • Work in conjunction with the executive to organise Orientation Week activities

  • Organise First Year Camp to be held in the first fortnight of Semester 1

  • Liaise with the Faculty of Science in organising Transition events and lunches

  • Facilitate the organisation of the First Year Committee.

The Welfare Officer shall:

  • Advocate for the equitable treatment of all society members

  • Assist in mediating disputes

  • Liaise with the SRC and Sydney University Student Support Services

  • Provide querying members with referrals for mental health, financial aid and student services

The IT officer shall:

  • Support the IT infrastructure of the society

  • Maintain the WordPress Blog with relevant middleware,

  • Manage the domain subscriptions

  • Improve the efficiency of processes, where possible.

The Outreach Officer shall:

  • Increase awareness for Outreach, through publicity in the Aqua Regia, society newsletter, and other, appropriate media.


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