Aqua Regia

Every other week, a new edition of the Aqua Regia will come out on our website and be distributed via email. Editions include information on the latest discoveries in Science, tips and tricks to help you get through first year like a pro, ways to meet tons of new friends (obviously by going to First Year Camp), great restaurants and cafes in and around uni, and also ways to de-stress when those pesky finals and assignments come around.

This will also be the best way to keep up with our very packed events calendar in 2017, find out about the latest and greatest events in the wider Science community, spot out crazy pics of your friends at events and have a good laugh.

So remember to keep an eye out for the latest editions!

Please send any inquires, ideas or questions to Nick and Byron at

Issue 1, 2017 is out now! (Click me to view)