Science Mentoring 2013

Science Mentoring 2013

Ever needed someone to look up to or somebody you could ask that question about University life that you never knew who to ask? Well you could be that person. The Science Faulty is currently looking for volunteer mentors for the First Year Transition Program. SciSoc has always been a strong supporter of this program and next year we hope it to be better than ever.
You will be required to attend at a minimum
  • Mentor Training – 19th February 2013
  • Transition Day –  26th February 2013
  • SLAM Lunches – Week 2 & 4
Click here to register by 31st November 2012 or go to
SciSoc End of Exam Drinks!

SciSoc End of Exam Drinks!

Sooo exams are nearly over 😀 TIme to party..with SCISOC! We are holding our Annual end-of-exams/start-of-summer drinks on Friday from 4 o'clock at Hermann's Bar. Come along, bring a friend and get 2 free drinks each (with Access) on us! That's right ITS TWO FREE DRINKS with Access (Non-access: $10). We will try and make ourselves visible by Lab-coats etc. so find us to get your vouchers! Join the FB event here.
SciSoc Trivia: An Aliquot of Science Knowledge

SciSoc Trivia: An Aliquot of Science Knowledge

Get Excited! SciSoc is having another trivia night! With topics ranging from the science of love (and sex...and magic?) to amino acid dance challenges this night proves to be one of the funniest yet. Gather your friends to make teams of 6 for a loose night, with your FREE ALCOHOL voucher (x1) and delicious pizza 🙂 To secure your spot come to SciSoc's BBQ on Wednesday on the Carslaw Lawns near Footbridge or email El Presidente Isaac ( with your name and access number. Access: $5 Non-access:$10 Be quick! Tickets are running out fast! Here's a link to the FB event and we'll see you all there!
Agenda for General Meeting 23rd October

Agenda for General Meeting 23rd October





From the AGM held on the 18th of September.




Clause 2.2 part (a) be extended to include the addition of an “Annual Cruise” “a dinner dance to be named Bucky Ball”, an additional “Trivia Night” and monthly bake sales with profits going to charity. Clause 4.4 be altered from “Monthly” to “Fortnightly” Clause 5.3 be altered to: a. Maintain the Society’s finances in accordance with the Treasurer’s Handbook produced by the Clubs & Societies office of the University of Sydney Union. b. Present to the annual General Meeting of the society a detailed report detailing financial activity and status of the society.

i. Present the Unaudited Income & Expenditure Statement and the

Bank Reconciliation at the Club’s Annual General Meeting, otherwise known as the Treasurer’s Report. The Club’s Committee should

adopt the Income & Expenditure statement once audited at a

later date.

c. Report to the executive committee as requested regarding the society’s finances d. Ensure an adequate handover, including any documents and materials, to the following executive. Clause 6.1 be altered to remove and further include the following: a. The executive members outlined in clause 4 b. 2 Sports Directors (1 Male, 1 Female) c. 2 Editors for the Society’s Publication “Aqua Regia” d. 2 Publicity Officers e. 2 Social Directors f. A First Year Officer g. A Welfare (SRC Liaison) Officer h. A Bookstore Manager i. An Information Technology Officer j. A Sponsorship Officer k. A First Year Committee consisting of 3 or more First Year students

Clause 6.2 to be added to define the duties of the Executive Committee as follows: Clause 6.2b The Sports Officers shall:

-    Promote and encourage member participation in interfaculty sport events in consultation with the society

-       Organise teams to compete in interfaculty sport

-       Attend sports events run by the society

-        Liaise with Executive members ensure all roles of the society are integrated

6.2c The Aqua Regia Editors shall:

-       Write for the society’s regular publication, the Aqua Regia

-       Edit the society’s publication

-       Distribute the society’s publication

-       Facilitate the aims of the Aqua Regia

-       Publish submissions from members of SciSoc executive committee and other contributors with purpose of  communicating with ordinary society members

6.2d The Publicity Officers shall:

-    Increase awareness of the society and its events through creation and distribution of posters and handouts, lecture announcements, online media, the society’s newsletter and others

-    Design posters promoting major annual events

-    Manage and update the website, Facebook pages, and other relevant online pages.

-    Writing articles and posts to make sure these pages have regular new content.

-    Assist with writing and distributing the newsletter


The Social Directors shall:

-    Plan, organise and host events for all society members, including major annual events, as well as smaller events and charity events

-     Investigate availability, pricing, capacity, equipment and catering of venues for major events

- Decide specific details of major events, including event size, themes, dress code, menu, et cetera.

-    Correspond with the professional events coordinators and venue staff for major annual events

- Select and finalise dates and times for events with coordinators

-    Manage ticket sales for all ticketed events

6.2f The First Year Officer shall:

-    Work in conjunction with the executive to organise Orientation Week activities

-    Organise First Year Camp to be held in the first fortnight of Semester 1

-    Liaise with the Faculty of Science in organising Transition events and lunches

-    Facilitate the organisation of the First Year Committee.

6.2fg The Welfare Officer shall:

-    Advocate for the equitable treatment of all society members

-    Assist in mediating disputes

-    Liaise with the SRC and Sydney University Student Support Services

-    Provide querying members with referrals for mental health, financial aid and student services

6.2h The Bookstore Manager shall:

-    Organise a roster for the bookstore during the first month of each semester.

-    Ensure that all volunteers are adequately trained in bookstore transactions

-    Ensure that all clients are paid at the end of the period.

-    Perform a stocktake of the contents of the store to supplement the audit at the end of the year.

6.2i The IT officer shall:

-    Support the IT infrastructure of the society

-    Maintain the WordPress Blog with relevant middleware,

-    Manage the domain subscriptions and

-    Improve the efficiency of processes, where possible.

6.2j The Sponsorship Officer shall:

-    Seek out prospective sponsors and produce material for distribution.

-    Organise meetings for the executive to showcase the Science society to said sponsors.

-    Write sponsorship contracts, to be signed by the President and company representative.

6.2k The First Year Committee shall

-    Plan, organise and host small events that cater to the interests of new ordinary members of the society in first year

-    Liaise with executive members and committee for assistance with planning and administration of events

-    Assist executive committee members with hosting major events and ticket sales

Clause 6.1 to be altered to include l. A Queer Officer m. Outreach Officer Clause 6.2l shall be added to read: The Queer Officer shall:

-       Cater to the needs of queer-identifying students within the Society.

-       Serve as a point-of-first-contact for queer ordinary members who are suffering from discrimination, either from academics, faculty staff, or in general.

-       Aid in the welfare of queer ordinary members who are suffering from discrimination.

-       Liaise with the relevant member of the Faculty to address any grievances related to academic or general staff members of the Faculty.

-       Liaise with the relevant member of the executive/committee to address any grievances related to members of the Society.

-       Serve as a medium between queer students and organizations such as ACON, Twenty10, et cetera.

-       Cooperate with the USU Queer Coordinator, the SRC Queer Officers, and Queer Officers of other faculty societies (eg. SULS, SASS, etc.) to:

o   Foster an environment of acceptance and safety within the University.

o   Plan, manage, and execute queer-friendly and queer-focused events.

-       Address the potential issues facing queer-identifying graduates entering the scientific profession.

Clause 6.2m shall be added to read: The Outreach Officer shall: - Increase awareness for Outreach, through publicity in the Aqua Regia, society newsletter, and       other appropriate media. - Spearhead whatever outreach SciSoc normally does - Look into any events that can be done in regards to Outreach Clause 10.1 be altered to include the amendments outlined in Clause 6, section 1, part ‘i’ 10.3 be altered from “outgoing committee” to “executive of society” Any further ramifications outlined in clause ten (10) section three (3) will continue as outlined in 2008 constitution. 11.1c. shall be altered to read: The Secretary has given at least fourteen (14) days notice of of these proposed changes to all members …


An election to fill the position of IT Officer, currently vacant.







Optiver Testing Session: 9th October

Optiver Testing Session: 9th October

Our sponsors Optiver are looking for 4 Graduate Software engineers to join their team!
Optiver is a leading global independent trading firm dealing mainly in derivatives shares and bonds. As a software engineer you’ll develop the fastest, most reliable and highly flexible systems in the market. The kind of software that ensures we buy and sell faster and more efficiently than anyone else. You will have full responsibility for the entire SDLC.
The first step in their recruitment process is to challenge grads to take their software engineer
quiz. This can be answered in Java, C# or C++.
Date: Tuesday 9th October
Time: 1.00pm (the quiz takes 1 hour)
Venue details: Sydney University, School of IT, Lecture Theatre 123
Medical Talk: Lambie Dew Oration 2012

Medical Talk: Lambie Dew Oration 2012

The Sydney University Medical Society invites you to the Lambie-Dew Oration 2012, to be delivered by Professor Dame Valerie Beral (AC, DBE, FRS, FRCP). Open to students, medical professionals, and the wider public, the Oration offers personal insights from an esteemed medical authority into the current state of medicine and health in Australia. Head of the Cancer Epidemiology Centre at Oxford University, Dame of the British Empire, and Britain’s preeminent medical epidemiologist, Professor Beral will offer an optimistic view on the state of Australian Health – “Up and Up: Challenging Myths of Australian Health in Crisis”. Delivered in the Great Hall, the Oration is a celebration of the achievements of health care within the University and Australia. The Sydney University Medical Society warmly welcomes you to this important event. Date: 10/10/12 Time:  Commencing - 6pm sharp, with refreshments from 5:30pm Concluding – 7:30pm Location: The Great Hall, The Quadrangle, Camperdown Campus, The University of Sydney NSW 2006 Cost: Free Registration: Further Information: E: M: 0418607933 – William Meere
What happened at the AGM

What happened at the AGM

A very, very big thank you to everyone who came to our Annual General Meeting, as a result of that meeting the following executive was elected: President: Isaac Carney elected unopposed.
VP: Alex Trussell elected, after a vote. Treasurer: Jessica Estephan elected unopposed. Secretary: Tom Diep elected, after a vote. Sports Officer: Mike Crawford elected, after a vote and Alannah Craig elected unopposed. First Year Officer: Rachel Hu elected unopposed. Aqua Regia Editor: Aneka Larsen and Madeleine Fitzpatrick elected unopposed. Careers Officer: Tony Cai elected unopposed. Social Program Director: Susie Lauer and Lucy Baker elected, after a vote. Welfare Officer: Therese Apolonio elected, after a vote. Publicity Officer: Rory Anderson and Cameron Hawkins, after a vote. Sponsorship Officer: Fahad Ali elected, after a vote.
If you need to contact us for any reason, our details are available on the SciSoc website's contact page.
Verge Festival

Verge Festival

As some of you may know, there are fantastic events that happen at Uni without being organised by SciSoc (I know, how does that happen?) Well, I'll tell you: some of our previous exec were moonlighting for other organisations, in this case the USU. Basically I'm saying that James Colley, our former Vice -President, is one of the Directors for this year's Verge Festival that is going for 3-12 October. From the It's Alive Opening Party to the comedy of Project 52's Ultimate Fringe Round Up and Carillonist By Request there are so many things to choose from. All of which promise to be amazing. To find out more check out