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Sorry for the lack of a newsletter last week! Our website has been down, and still is. It’s unreachable from outside campus. The events are still on and we’re working on getting it back to business as soon as we can. Otherwise please read this newsletter carefully and check us out on facebook at

Emotional Intelligence and Faking Your Personality

The idea of ’emotional intelligence’ took the world by storm in the mid-1990s. Everyone wanted to know their ‘EQ’ and was sure that it was much more important to success in life than IQ. Many professionals in human resources, education, clinical psychology and coaching began to believe that emotional skills and competencies, such as emotion management and understanding, were more important for high-level functioning than intelligence and personality. In the intervening years, scientists put these claims under the microscope to work out how important emotional intelligence is.

Dr Carolyn MacCann will filter out facts from fads as she reviews the research on emotional intelligence. Does emotional intelligence exist? Can we measure it? Is it really as important to life success as the hype suggests? Find out the different ways that researchers conceptualise and measure emotional intelligence, as well as the usefulness of emotional intelligence in business, education and well-being.

Event details

Date: Wednesday 12 September 2012
Time: 5.45pm – 6.45pm
Venue: Eastern Avenue Auditorium
Cost: Free!

Here’s a link!

Science nerd attempts seduction, fails.



Oh great one, vice president of vice presidents (but with fewer vices)! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Whenever I am near you I have anaerobic respiration for you take my breath away. You’re so cute you make my zygomaticus muscles contract. You’re hotter than a bunsen burner set to full power.  I want to stick to you like glue-cose.

I wish I were adenine because then I could get paired with U. We would undergo a more energetic reaction than Potassium and water. If you were C6 and I were H12 all we would need is the air we breathe to be sweeter than sugar. You must be the one for me since my selectively permeable membrane let you through. Right now we’re just two RNA, but maybe we could transcribe together and become DNA.

Let me be the phasor to your electron and take you to an excited state. A little more alcohol will help catalyse this reaction. I could fondle you vesicles while you caress my golgi body. I want to work on your leucine zipper with my zinc fingers. Don’t worry, everyone knows it’s not the size of the vector that matters, but the way the force is delivered.

If I were an enzyme, I’d be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes.

By ScienceGurl4Colley

Too many bees? Or not enough bees?

Too many bees? Or not enough bees?
Sam Jenkins investigates.

Can you have too many bees? Some say yes. Some are wrong! They’re simply not covered in enough bees yet. As a man who’s been covered in bees for nearly several minutes, I can quite easily say that no man, woman, or bee has, or is enough bees. But can it be? Or how could it be if it can be? If ‘you’ and ‘I’ are ‘we’, then surely a ‘bee’ is ‘bee’, but could ‘we’ be ‘bee’? This investigative reporter looked no further than his own memory to answer these very questions (bees).

The great Shakespeare himself wrote “two bee, or not two bee?” And we all remember the answer was two bees, if not more than two bees, and quite possibly a murder. But not every acquisition of bees needs to involve regicide. I myself killed only two dukes and a bee farmer to procure my luscious beard of bees, in addition to my jacket of bees, my pair of glasses of bees, my deck of bees, my car of bees and my pool, made of, and filled with bees. Some might point out that I’m simply trying to swim in a swarm of bees. They are right. But are they covered in harmful stings? No. And that is the difference between us. Those who oppose the idea of having more than zero bees in an area, that is more that not far away from them, simply don’t want to be painfully stung. And in a day and age where we have televisions, the printing press and the future, it is difficult to understand how they don’t see the great amount of innovations that bees have brought us.

Could it be, indubitably, that we see on key, a fallacy, o’ whe’er bees should be, visa-bee, belessed please, be the nee-ds of our minstrbees? Because overbeering beelations beautifully beeseige bee beasting? Beelief bee, it’s true. Beethoven.

In closing, be safe, be sharp, be sharps, sharp bees, harp bees, harpies, bees please, on your bees, the bees are collapsing, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

<Inception Sound>

Time Travel for Dummies

TIME TRAVEL for Dummies

Particle physicists at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN have found subatomic neutrino particles to travel faster than the speed of light, disproving over a hundred years of modern physics.

So now that time travel has practically been invented you need to start building your own vehicle of choice to cruise through time and space. Here are some popular examples:

Now that you’re ready for your first trip, here are some of the dangers of which you need to be careful.


“If you go back in time,” stated Dr. Steven Hawkins at a press conference held in the Luau Room of the Particle Physics Research Institute and Brothel “you may affect causality in numerous ways; say by killing your parents before they screw you into existence, or rolling your ATV over the sherwlike creatures which gave rise to all modern-day mammals.”

You get the idea. Don’t step on any bugs, don’t stop your parents getting together and don’t try to rectify the reason for building your time machine.


The past is full of pestilence, disease and infections which will probably kill you unless you are a timelord (who is apparently immune to everything).  “It wouldn’t be a pretty death either,” stated Hawkins. “Even the 19th and early 20th Centuries aren’t safe. We advise not venturing back more than a couple of decades if time travel is ever invented. Which it won’t be, because it’s not possible.”

Say you wanted to go back in time to 25 AD and stop the Crucifixion (as you do…).  You would probably die of amoebic dysentery within two days, and be incapacitated before you could prevent the salvation of mankind. Bummer.

“If you have to go back, say to prevent Buddhism or something,” Hawkins said, “it would be best to wear a containment suit that you burn as soon as you return to the present. Of course, you won’t ever do that, because time travel isn’t possible.” The future will probably be safer but unproductive since you will likely be imprisoned and quarantined before you cause a pandemic among the human-sheep hybrids.

Hear that guys? You can safely play around with about 40 years of time. Steven Hawkins approved. But if you do have to go back further, say to stop something as dangerous as Buddhism, all you need is a fully enclosed timesuit. I recommend one that looks like Matt Smith.

Aqua Regia Issue 1

Well, the time of year has come and gone for the old regime of Scisoc to be hewn down to make room for the newest one. And guess what readers, the changeover has taken place. We’re very grateful not many people were there to see the horrid, gory scene as last year’s executive was murdered in their prime to make way for others. Because really last year’s top minds were taking far too long to take over the world.

Yes that’s right. The head honchos are being bold as brass about their future plans this time round. Not only do they intend to run the society well, they have an honesty policy so crystal clear you can even admire the depths of the cellars, perusing their magic scrolls of doom-inspiring spells, ancient tomes of devious war machines, and their Hello Kitty memorabilia. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t tear you limb from limb once the perusing is over.

So let’s go ahead and meet the team. This year’s President of the Science Society is Hari Bhrugubanda, a short fellow willing to cut people off at the knees if they turn out to be bigger than he is. He’s got a good forehand too, so don’t doubt he can do it. His right hand man is James Colley, the new VP, whose razor sharp beard can’t be shaved by any regular means. Only lasers. Ironically, those feature heavily in his plans. Shhhh, don’t tell him I know that.

Your Secretary for this year will be one Isaac Carney. He’s the stealth expert, so much so I haven’t seen him around yet, which isn’t exactly the best thing for a secretary who has to answer phones all day. What? Ninjas have jobs too you know. To temper the balance within the organisation they’ve positioned Tony Cai as this year’s Treasurer. For those of you who don’t know, Tony’s peg leg and parrot make him the perfect man to guard the wooden chests in HQ’s basement. Yep, the one full of Hello Kitty stuff. Don’t stray in the wrong direction when browsing or you’ll get a bellyful of blade.

The dynamic duo has also decided to step up and profess their evil plans this year. Samuel Jenkins and Adam Chalmers are our new Publicity Officers and their PDA (that’s Public Displays of Anarchy, BTW) will take this team to a whole new level of mischief making. Don’t ask me which of them is Batman and which is Robin though. They may just have to try on tights and see.

Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz and Zachary Nicholson have unfortunately been left without their evil counterparts. Gid sits in one of the two broken-beer-bottle thrones of Social Coordinator and Zach is the male counterpart of the Interfaculty Sport creepy twins. And really, the empty throne next to Gid just makes him look a little depressed, and Zach isn’t as creepy lurking in the shadows all by himself.

Jarrod Kennedy however seems to be enjoying his position as First Year Officer. The maniacal laughter gets pretty annoying at night, though what is more concerning is the maniacal snoring when he falls asleep. He should go to a sleep deprivation clinic. And our Science Outreach Officer for the year, Jonathan (he doesn’t have a last name, which I find slightly menacing) has already been to a photographer for a few shots of himself crushing a globe in his hands. They’ll look good on his MySpace page, that’s for sure.

We’re currently still looking for a few positions on the executive though, and would greatly appreciate some volunteers. It’s worth a shot to anybody interested. Literally, executive members get injections for immunity to the gases that feature heavily in world domination plans XKCD-722 through SMBC-486. The positions that are open are for a second Social Coordinator, a female Interfaculty Sporting Officer, a Sponsorship Officer because we do need money to take over the world, and an IT Officer. Email us at if you’re interested in a position. God speed to you in the impending doom.

Save Our Biology Subjects!

The School of Biological Sciences (SoBS) recently announced some prospective changes to the Biology curriculum, which will possibly take place in 2012. The proposed changes are as follows:

  • For second year students studying Biology in 2013, from the 9 subjects currently on offer, only 6 will be available.
  • For third year students in 2013, instead of having 15-16 subjects to choose from, they now only have 8.
  • Out of the 4 subjects that used to be offered as intensive field work courses, only 2 will exist.
  • All third year ‘Plant Biology’ subjects will merge into 1 6CP subject, two Ecology subjects will merge into one, and Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBLG) also faces cuts.

These changes have yet to be confirmed as a review of this hasn’t been officially released, however lecturers and other members of the SoBS have failed to inform students of any changes or consult students on their thoughts. Such reductions in the courses are said to limit internal choice within Biology, create bigger class sizes, put more pressure on staff, and in the event that a student fails a subject, they will be forced to repeat the subject until they pass, to maintain that major in biology.

Currently a large group of students in the Faculty of Science are fighting this reduction, and they want your help.
For more information visit the Facebook group at

Interfaculty 5K run

Week 11
5km Run, held at Oval No. 1
Wednesday 12 October, 3 – 5pm

The 5km Run is the last event for Interfaculty for the year. So come down and enjoy one last round of Interfaculty sport.
EVERY participant at 5km Run receives a point for their faculty so it comes down to who can bring the most staff or students to this exciting event!

C’mon Science lets get our hands on the coveted Emily Small Shield for 2011!

Runners will register on the day from 3pm for a 3:30pm race start, all runners must be wearing appropriate footwear.

There will be a FREE BBQ for participants and a presentation Ceremony to award the winning faculty for the year at the end of the day.