SCISOC TRIVIA: Thinking out your brain-holes

HERE COME SOME FACTS FLYING RIGHT AT YOU LIKE A TIGER FIRED FROM A CANNON! Scisoc's hosting our trivia night on Week 5, Tuesday, hosted by our very own vice president and campus funny guy and suspected criminal, James Colley! Prepare yourself for a night of absolutely unmitigated bullshit! You will struggle. You will argue. You will swim up and down the coast of Cinnibar Island and end up corrupting your game. Trivia night is nearly a week away! Battle wits against other scientists on science and non-science related things! ROUNDS MAY INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: The Reason Chemists Smell Richard Feynmann's Olympic Grade Sex Swing. Literal Interpretations of The Bible and other stupid things people do. Which Animal Is The Sexiest Animal? (The Pelican.) Jarrod Kennedy: Registered Sex Offender. Tickets are going on sale on Tuesday, and are $10 for Access and $15 for Non-Access - this includes dinner and a free drink voucher. To book a table, register in groups up to 6 people at the SciSoc bookstore (map -http://www.scisoc.org.au/bookstore/ or at our BBQ on Wednesday! IF YOU DON'T COME TO THIS EVENT YOU WILL LITERALLY DIE. THIS ISN'T A THREAT IT'S JUST AN UNDERSTANDING THAT THE WINNER OF TRIVIA MAY WELL BE GIVEN ONE CUP OF THE WATER FROM THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.
Here's a facebook link:

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