The hunt for Australia’s brightest, greenest student designer is on.

Entries are now open for Switched On 2012, a national competition seeking the ultimate eco-lighting solution for home or commercial use, as conceived by an undergraduate designer.

Designs can be fixed or free standing downlights, bulbs, lamps, task lights or any new lighting solution that harnesses LED technology.

A prize pool of $3,000 will be awarded to the top three designs:

First prize: $1,500

Second prize: $1,000

Third prize: $500

Submission guidelines

To enter, submit 3-5 images of your design (in two sizes: 812 x 450px and 2436 x 1350) along with a 50-word synopsis and description of up to 200 words.

Email your submission to including details of your undergraduate course and institution no later than 5pm EST December 14th, 2012.

Here’s a link!

Science Revue presents: Sin(X) City!

Ten years ago Sin(X) City was rife with crime and villainy, but the government commissioned a renowned mathematician to devise an equation to solve it once and for all. Thus was created the Anti-Crime Equation, and evil was thwarted for good. But when a transferred detective is brought onto a mysterious suicide case, he must travel to the underbelly of the city to investigate.

Will the city collapse and swallow our handsome detective whole?

Prepare yourself for an evening of fun filled songs, crazed dancing, and spectacular laughs as the Sydney University Science Revue presents its seventh show in as many years. With a reputation and our hostage writers at stake, nothing except multiple lightning strikes and tiny microbes will prevent us from bringing you comedy gold.

DETAILS: 6th – 8th September, York Theate, Seymour Centre.
TICKETS: Adult $25, Student $20, Access Card Holder $17 (Groups of 10 or more can get a $2 discount on each ticket, email or buy your tickets at the ticket stall!)



Head to the Ticket Stall, in front of Manning, University of Sydney Weeks 5 and 6 from 10-4pm.

NØCTURNE – A kaleidoscope of characters

NØCTURNE – a mini Cirque du Soleil

“In a town forgotten by time, our lovers meet under the light of the setting Sun, the strains of a lone violin herald the arrival of The Night and the story of NØCTURNE begins. The Lady in Red awakens, her sights set on the young man, a spell is cast and the lovers are separated.

In this little corner of the world, we find a kaleidoscope of characters: real and fantastical as they seek to find what is lost, in a place full of wonder and endless possibilities.

NØCTURNE is a creative dance and movement-based collaboration between The Movement and Dance Society (USU) and The Sydney Uni Gymnastics Club. Together with aerial arts company Wild Spirit Production, NØCTURNE fuses various dance styles such as Classical Ballet, Contemporary and Hip Hop with circus and acrobatic acts to tell a tragic tale of love and sorrow under a vast starry night sky.”

Concession: $25
Adult: $35

Cruising to Success

Thanks to everyone who came on the Cruise, we hope you had an excellent night! To relive the memories, or become overwhelmed with jealousy and regret for not coming many, many photos are available on our Facebook group wall. Our next big event is Bucky Ball which will be held on Saturday 22nd of September, for more information watch this space!

Optiver Information Session and FREE FOOD!

On Monday 13th August SciSoc will be hosting an information session in the Isabel Fidler Room of Manning by our sponsors Optiver, they will be telling you about their graduate opportunities (especially concerning those with a background in IT) and what it is like to work at a company like Optiver. There will be lunch fully catered for those who attend the talk, and it will be all completely FREE. If you didn’t catch that there will be FREE FOOD. Your interest and support would be greatly appreciated.

Register your interest at the Facebook event here.

SciSoc hopes to see you there!

Course for budding Business professionals

For the last two years, Technology Venture Creation (ELEC5701) has been offered exclusively to final year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science students. Due to popular request, this year we would like to open up enrolments to final year students in other engineering disciplines within the faculty. If you’ve ever thought about starting your own company- this class is for you!
About TVC
Technology Venture Creation aims to provide budding technology entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to take an idea and turn it into a world class technology company. Taught by experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists Matt Barrie (Chief Executive of and Inaugural BRW Entrepreneur of the Year), and Bill Bartee (Managing Partner at Southern Cross Venture Partners), this course will provide practical knowledge in evaluating business concepts, developing a business plan, forming a founding team, pitching your business, the fundraising process, protecting intellectual property, understanding financials, and developing a go-to-market strategy. The course will be heavily industry focused, and each week an experienced entrepreneur or financier will guest lecture a topic. The class will be divided into teams of four, with each member of the team assuming a role (Chief Executive, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Techology Officer). Over the period of the course, each team will turn an idea into a fundable technology business, by developing a business plan, a pitch and financials. Course evaluation will consist of a series of checkpoints, where the pitch and business plan will be reviewed as well as participation in class discussions. The final assessment for the course will consist of each team pitching their business to a panel of real world investors and entrepreneurs.
Technology Venture Creation will require intense dedication from each of the teams to evolve their concept into a business and prepare their business plans. Those that have a passion for starting a technology company will find the course extremely rewarding. Similar courses overseas, such as at Stanford, has seen the formation of companies such as Yahoo and Excite from plans presented in class. From the 1998 class of IE273 that the course lecturer Matt Barrie took, the class members went off to found companies including Paypal, Andale (acquired by Vendio),,, Gigabeat (acquired by Napster). Graduates from that year alone have been responsible since for the creation of companies totalling over $2 billion in market capitalisation to date. We’re looking to recreate this experience here at the University of Sydney.
Real companies have already formed from TVC graduates; for example Leasate (TVC’10) secured financing from Internet Entrepreneur Simon Clausen to disrupt the real estate industry, Brainworth (TVC’10) just closed a grant from the Interactive Media Fund, and Minefold (TVC’11) recently graduated from the prestigious YCombinator program in California!
Finally, there is potential for a pool of seed funding up to $75k to be available to top graduates who qualify and wish to pursue their companies for real after the program completes. More to come on this as we sort out the details.
Class Mechanics
TVC is taught from 4-6pm on Friday at EE451. The first lecture each week will contain course material, presented by Matt Barrie or Bill Bartee, and help build a fundamental understanding of entrepreneurial ventures. The second lecture will be a guest lecturer from a selection of either successful technology companies or venture capital funds. In the previous year, this included guests from Atlassian, Spreets, BigCommerce, Tjoos, Omnisio, Threatmetrix, KTM Capital, Immune System Therapeutics, Uniloc, Uniseed, Xumii and Viocorp.
For more information see the class website at or email
Class started first week! The first guest lecture was “Beginning the Journey” by Nikki Durkin, Chief Executive of, who just graduated from YCombinator (YC W’12) and recently closed ~$1m in seed financing.
Enrolments are limited to 40 or so, so contact us today if interested!

SciSoc BBQ #1 : BBQ Begins

Hunger pervades the streets of Sydney University. One society, adopting the symbol of an atom, strikes fear into the hunger ridden campus.

Cheesy beginnings aside, SciSoc BBQs are back!

Lunch is FREE with the shirt, $2 Access, $5 non-Access. This Wednesday from 12-2 at the Carslaw Lawns.

Starring Isaac Carney as Commissioner Gordon

For more info check out the Facebook event

Sydney Ideas Talks This Week

For those of you who don’t find a 20+ hour week at uni intellectually stimulating enough, Sydney Ideas ( are holding some Sciency talks in the First Week of Semester:

1 August – The Modern Commercialisation of Science is a Passel of Ponzi Schemes

2 August – China, Climate Change and Sustainability: spins, facts and realpolotik

Both seem excellent and thought provoking. SciSoc hopes to see you there!

Lab Coat Pubcrawl – Broadway Edition

The Labcoat Pub crawls are back and earlier than ever. Which means that assignments and exams aren’t a feasible excuse for not drinking. So join SciSoc for a drink … or several.

Labcoats are a recommended pre-requisite (although we won’t hate you if you’re a Physics person and don’t own one). Permanent Markers still welcome, though stick to labcoats and NOT toilet doors!

Like last time we’ll meet at Hermanns at 6pm. Then it’s Lansdowne, Broadway lounge, Broadway bar and anywhere in between. Check out the Facebook event here!

Bookstore Opening Hours

This semester our bookstore will be open form 11am to 1pm Monday to Friday. We have books for loads and loads of subjects all at bargain prices. If you have books to sell, come buy and I hope we can help you find a buyer.