SciSoc’s Cruise through Time

We’re inviting all University of Sydney students to join Scisoc in its cruise through time..

Grab your friends too! Time has no boundaries.

IMPORTANT INFO: Tickets will be available for sale at our stall outside Manning between 10-4pm from Tuesday  up until the cruise, or at our Bookstore during normal opening hours (11am – 1 pm). Also at our Stall at Re-O-Day (Wednesday Week 1).

Here are the essential details:

Time: 7:00 pm sharp, otherwise you’ll have to swim to meet up with us.

Date: Thursday August 9th 2012 (Week 2)

Cost: $40 Access, $45 Non-Access

Theme: Costumes! Anything Time Travel related.

Embarking from the Aquarium Warf, for a 3 hour duration (Finishes at 10:30pm) This is an 18+ event and ID will be checked upon arrival.

There’ll be Pizza, a DJ and Light Show (Highlight of the evening, obviously) and “Unlimited consumption of beer, wine, soft drinks and orange juice.” Visit the facebook event here for more info and some killer graphics!

Re O-Day: This Wednesday!

This Wednesday come visit our stall number 60 … something. Basically we will be situated outside the Chemistry Building, conspicuous by our oversize SciSoc banner. Along with being able to buy tickets for our Cruise, it’ll be a chance to chat to us and to hear about what else we have in stall for you this semester. I hope to see you there!

General Meeting Results

Congratulations to those elected at our General Meeting last week. Jessica Estephan (Social Events Coordinator), Lucy Baker (Publicity) and Tom Diep (Welfare), your society is in good hands. And by that I mean, the same hands because Hari Bhrugubanda, the Eternal President and Commander-in-Chief, still wields ultimate autocratic power.

SciSoc Labcoat Pubcrawl 2.0

What did you say? You want another Labcoat Pubcrawl before the end of semester?

Well guess what, here’s one we prepared earlier (it’s a link to it, trust me)! Because that’s right we can read your minds.

On Wednesday, kicking it off at Hermann’s at 6:00pm where you’ll get some quantity of drink free, courtesy of the exec and their happy-go-lucky cheque book.
Kuletos has their happy hour from 6:00-7:30 so that’s our next stop!
From there we’ll walk over to the Marly Bar, eventually make our way over to Kelly’s.
Start staggering over to Coopers. Then begin the crawl to Zanzibar. And wherever else you can drag yourselves over to!

Bring yourself, your lab coat and permanent markers and we’ll see you all there!

And for Evolution’s sake, if you write on labcoats be creative! This is mutually exclusive with drawing anything phallic. Suggestion: write an acrostic poem, using the person’s name. Naww, how cute!

SciSoc General Meeting 28/05/12

Next Monday at 11a.m. in the Isabel Fidler Room, Level 2, Manning House, we will be holding a General Meeting to fill the positions of Social Events Coordinator and Publicity Officer. We will also be putting forward some Constitutional Changes that we hope will allow us to more easily conduct the business of the Society. If that kind of stuff pushes your buttons, you can get a copy of the proposed changes by emailing me, Isaac Carney, the Secretary, at

SciSoc BBQ VI: It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

It’s the final round, study might be beating you down, circling you ready to land the knock out blow, but there is always one thing you can rely on to get you back to your feet.
Apart from an epic training/study montage … ♫ “It’s the Eye of the Tiger” – Cm – Cm – Bb – Cm – Cm – Bb – Cm – Cm – G – Ab ♫ ..

It’s a SciSoc BBQ. Free with the shirt, $2 Access, $5 non-Access. This Wednesday from 12-2 at the Carslaw Lawns.

There will also be copies of the Aqua Regia, in all its jaw-shattering excellence.

Interfaculty Sports: Cricket

Ready to impress with your quantum spin? Or hone your projectile motion with accuracy even a T-test can’t measure? Or are you keen to hit the ball for six, like penicillin did to bacterial infections. Either way, we are running Cricket as a causal backyard atmosphere game using the plastic bats and rubber balls (like the ones you use in high school PE).
Each team has 8 players with a minimum of 2 female players on the field at a time.
Please remember to wear navy or the SciSoc t-shirt.

For more information visit the Facebook event.

Thyroid Cancer Awareness – Messy’s Bake Sale!

Messy (University of Sydney Medical Science Society) has got an upcoming Bake-sale event on the 25th of May raising awareness about Thyroid Cancer. All of the money raised will be donated to the Australian Thyroid foundation. The event will be held outside of Sci-tech, in front of the Biochemistry Building from 10 am till 1 pm.

Facebook Page!!

SciSoc’s Amazing Race

This Friday from 5:30 p.m. there is an Amazing Race competition organised by our First Year Commitee. The first clue in the race around the USYD will be waiting at Hermanns…

If you’re keen for an intercontinental adventure and brave enough to survive a series of roadblocks, detours and encrypted clues, then we’d love you to come with a team of friends and participate in this truly amazing race! And you may even pick up some free drinks along the way 🙂

FREE for access
$5 for non-access

Where: Start and finish at Hermanns, but who knows where you’ll have to go in between!

When: Friday 25th May, 5.30 till ~ 7pm

To Register:
Just go the Facebook event and click attending

There will be prizes for the winning team!