Darwin and Intelligent Design

Professor Elliot Sober (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Are evolutionary theory and belief in God necessarily in conflict?

Professor Elliott Sober addresses this question by considering what biologists mean by saying that mutations are “unguided”. He will also discuss Darwin’s views on God and Christianity.

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When 6:00pm-7:00pm
Thursday, 22 April 2010
Where New Law School Foyer

Strategies for A Climate-Friendly Life

Dr Saul Griffith (inventor)

Dr Saul Griffith has multiple degrees in materials science and mechanical engineering. He has received numerous awards, including the National Inventors Hall of Fame Collegiate Inventor’s Award and a MacArthur Genius Fellowship.

Come and hear award-winning inventor Dr Saul Griffith examine strategies for a climate-friendly life.

When 6:00pm-7:00pm, Wednesday, 31 March 2010
Where New Law School, Lecture Theatre 101
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Google Tech Talk: Wave and Go

Nigel Tao (software engineer, Google)
Pamela Fox (developer advocate, Google)

Come and find out more about the wave of popular interest generated by Google Wave, a new online tool for real-time communication and collaboration.

Learn about Go, a compiled, garbage-collected, concurrent programming language developed in-house by Google.

Hang around after the talk to mingle over free pizza!

When 4:00pm-5:00pm, Tuesday, 23 March 2010
Where Carslaw Lecture Theatre 273
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Energy for Breakfast: Renewables Advance in Europe

Alfredo Picano (founder, INNOVA)

Share Energy for Breakfast with experts in the field of energy and develop a greater insight into how energy issues will affect Australia and the rest of the world.

This lecture will discuss some of the latest developments in renewable energy and present an overview of the directions taken by European governments to resolve the problems they must deal with in the short, medium and long terms.

Free breakfast is provided at the start of the talk!

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When 7:30am-8:50am, Thursday, 25 March 2010
Where Conference Rooms, Darlington Centre
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On the Origin of Epidemics

Professor Edward Holmes

How do epidemics start and spread in human populations? Can we predict what epidemics will occur next?

These fundamental questions will be addressed by examining how evolving RNA viruses are able to jump species boundaries and emerge in humans, sometimes with devastating effects. As case studies of the origins and spread of influenza and dengue, both of which are of great public health importance in Australia, will be considered in detail.

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When 5:45-6:45pm, Thursday, 18 March 2010
Where Eastern Avenue Auditorium
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