First Year Camp: The 2016 Adventures Begin

The semester is well underway and we’ve had some brilliant events so far! On Friday, 11th March, 96 first years collected in front of Fisher to depart for the adventure of a lifetime (even thought they wouldn’t remember much of it) aka our renowned First Year Camp! The weekend brought with it tales of goon guzzling, cross-dressing, goanna spotting, The Great SASS Invasion and, of course, being covered head-to-toe in questionable substances found only in the depths of Challenge Valley. As many partied on well into the early hours, new ‘friendships’ began to form (based on mutual interests and drunkenness), which we hope will survive for many years to come…

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O-Week 2016 – Dive In

O-Week 2016 was a busy week – First Year Camp spots SOLD OUT by Thursday, we almost sold all of our BBQ t-shirts (the remaining ones will be available at our BBQ next week) and most importantly we had about 600 people sign up for 2016 membership! A big thanks to everyone who came by our stall and congratulations to all the new members who are now part of one of THE greatest societies on campus. Keep an eye out for Aqua Regia, our newsletter, which will update you all on our upcoming events!

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Cirque du Science Revue: TRAPEZE GET DEGREES

By the time Week 6 comes around we could all use a good laugh or two…

Come and support our buddies in Science Revue’s 2014 spectacular upcoming performance: Trapeze Get Degrees!

Science Revue never fails to exhibit some of Sydney University’s most talented singers, dancers, and actors – don’t miss out!

For 3 nights only:

7pm Thursday September 4th – Saturday September 6th


Check out their Facebook event for ticketing information (and remember to click ‘attending’!)

See you there!

SciSoc's Cruise Through Time! 9th August!

“The question isn’t where but when – SciSoc’s Cruise Through Time.”

The universe is still turning and we’re sending the message everywhere- to the future and the past, the beginning and the end of everything, we’re inviting all University of Sydney students to join Scisoc in its cruise through time..

Grab all your friends too! Time has no boundaries.

Here are the essential details:

Time: 7:00 pm sharp, otherwise you’ll have to swim to meet up with us
Date: Thursday August 9th 2012 (Sem2, Week 2)
Cost: $40 Access, $45 Non-Access
Theme: Costumes! Anything Time Travel related.

Embarking from the Aquarium Warf, for a 3 hour duration (Finishes at 10:30pm)

This is an 18+ event and ID will be checked upon arrival.

Tickets will be sold throughout winter break, you’ll be able to pay for these via a bank transfer (for these details email Tony with your name and Access ID (if available) at and available for pick up at our stalls on Eastern Avenue or outside Manning up until the cruise.

If you wish to pay cash, we’ll be selling tickets during during semester 2 up until the cruise from said stalls. We will update the Facebook event with the exact times for the stall 🙂

There’ll be Pizza, a DJ and Light Show (Highlight of the evening, obviously) and “Unlimited consumption of beer, wine, soft drinks and
orange juice.”

Visit the facebook event here for more info and some killer graphics!

Transit of Venus: Physoc’s Day in the Sun

This year will be the last transit of Venus any of you will ever see in your lives – it’ll be 120 years before the next one. So let’s not miss it! It will be taking place on Wednesday, 6 June (next week!)

Our friends at Physoc are organising to observe the transit of Venus safely with a solar telescope from the Quadrangle Lawns. There will be lectures from several professors in the School of Physics about solar and planetary astronomy, optics and history. There will also be a barbecue on the Botany Lawns in the shade near the telescope – free for Access members, $5 for non-Access, with sausages and a vegetarian option to boot. I hope you all can make it, this twice-in-a-lifetime event is really going to be something you can tell your grandchildren about – because there’s every chance your own children will never see one!

Check out their facebook event at Here’s the facebook link to the event!! and see what they have to say!

BBQ III (pronounced: eye-eye-eye)

Ahoy! To welcome you all back from a week that was shamefully misnomered ‘break’ and to restore your hearty constitution SciSoc is hosting yet another BBQ on Wednesday from 12-2 p.m at the Carslaw Lawns. There will be food and freshly minted copies of our publication the Aqua Regia for you to follow the saga from the last installment.

The scheme : Free food with T-Shirts! $2 Access and $5 Non-Access.
We’ll also be selling shirts on day. Shirts are $10 for Access and $15 for Non-Access!

Facebook? What is this dark magic!

The faithful Scisoc carrier pigeons have been released to return home to Trafalgar Square but not before they informed us of this new social media fad thingy. As such we have decided that the most effective way of getting information out to you our members is to link it up with our Facebook group:

Please join us in this group for instant updates, events and witty discussion. I will personally approve everyone who requests to join in the next few days, so don’t be shy and get amongst the craze.

Welcome back to Uni/Pubcrawl !

To mark your long-awaited arrival (or long-apprehended return) to Uni, Scisoc is hosting the year’s first Labcoat Pubcrawl. It will start at Manning Bar this Friday, 9th March at 6pm sharp. We will then be pushing up through Newtown to pubs and clubs including but not limited to Kuletos, Kelly’s, Coopers, Zanzibar and then wherever the night takes us.

Price: Free! (Although expect to organise your own drinks). Let it be known that some of the exec are generous with their wallets and will be shouting drinks for those who dress to impress with their scientific best. Hint: things that impress us include lab glasses (the clunkier the better), SciSoc t-shirts both new and old, and other experimental accessories (please no scalpels!)

Please check out our Facebook event and let us know of any good ideas that you may have.

First Year Camp! Places are Limited!

Scisoc’s annual first year camp is fast approaching and places are going fast. To make sure that you have a place come by our O-Week stall at the earliest time possible (that being 9:00am on Wednesday). Get a registration form to fill out and pay up for all the fun that could be when dozens of Uni students are by themselves for a weekend. Read between the lines people!

Labcoat Pub Crawl Numero Uno

Hey guys/alcoholics,

SciSoc is holding its first Labcoat Pubcrawl (there will be more) at the end of the first week of semester! Bring your labcoats! If you all do it, I won’t be the only one..

Meet outside Manning Bar, Manning Road side, on the bottom floor on Friday, 9th March at 6:00pm. From there we’ll be heading to Kuletos for cocktail happy hour, Kelly’s, Coopers, Zanzibar and then wherever you can crawl to!

See you all there!