Conservation Exploration Adventuration!

Wild Mob is not-for-profit organisation that offers conservation adventure projects throughout Australia. Their projects offer a mix of conservation volunteering, hands-on environmental education and plenty of free time to explore some of Australia's most iconic destinations. In the upcoming uni holidays, Wild Mob is offering two conservation adventure projects. The first project focuses on marine conservation and habitat regeneration on an island in the Great Barrier Reef. The second lets students lend a hand in re-establishing an endangered wallaby and protecting the endangered bush ecosystems in central Queensland. Avocet Conservation Project — Brilded Nailtail Wallaby Recovery When: 7–12 July 2011 More info: http://www.wildmob.org/projects/avocet-conservation-project Brampton Island Conservation Project — Marine Conservation When: 29 June–4 July 2011 More info: http://www.wildmob.org/projects/brampton-island-conservation-project

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