First Year Camp 2017

What’s it all about?

First Year Camp is your best opportunity to get to know the students in your cohort. The people you go to camp with will form an integral part of your university experience and this allows you to form lifelong friendships. The camp is run across the second weekend of Semester 1 (17th-19th March for 2017) and combines fun social activities with a comprehensive mentoring program tuned to your specific academic interests. On the second night we host a themed costume party which we guarantee will leave you bragging to your friends for years.

How do I get involved?

Make sure you sign up ASAP to secure your place at camp this year!

For 2017, the price per ticket is as follows:
$120 Non-ACCESS

Please note we cannot keep a place for you unless complete documentation and payment has been provided and tickets are strictly provided on a first in, first served basis.

First Year Camp Form

Cataract Scout Park Liability Form

Finally, once you have signed up – take a look at this to find out what you need to bring to camp and get packing!!