How We Can Make Our Cities Healthy Places to Live

Prof. Ed Blakely (University of Sydney)
A/Prof. Ruth Colagiuri (Menzies Centre for Health Policy)

Healthy communities are the centre of wealth creation and Australia must make its urban areas healthy because they are the fulcrum of the economy. In this presentation Prof. Ed Blakely will discuss the urban policy and how we can make our cities healthy places to live. He will also outline how Australia’s new economy will make Asia’s growing cities healthy as a larger national export rather than natural resources. A/Prof. Ruth Colagiuri will respond and discuss what public health research is needed to support this.

When 1pm – 2pm, Tuesday, 7 September 2010
Where Carlaw Lecture Theatre 275

About the Speakers

Prof. Ed Blakely has more than 40 year of international experience in all aspects of urban and regional planning, disaster management and sustainable development. Until 2009 he headed the recovery of the City of New Orleans. In this role he coordinated all aspects of municipal government from planning and financing to construction of major infrastructure related to the recovery of the City from the worst modern urban disaster in the United States. He is currently the Professor of Urban Policy at the United States Study Center at the University of Sydney where he coordinates the Centres programs on global urban issues with an honorary professor appointment.

Ruth Colagiuri is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Health and director of Health and Sustainability Unit at the Menzies Centre for Health Policy. She was recently awarded a University of Sydney Medical Foundation Fellowship. She is also a Vice President of the International Diabetes Federation and leads the activities of the Oxford Health Alliance Asia Pacific Centre. Ruth has worked extensively in the clinical services, health policy, population health plans, health professional training and competencies, and the evidence base for diabetes prevention and care both in Australia and internationally – most notably in the Pacific Islands, Africa and India.

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