Interfaculty Tennis

Hey guys, it’s (almost) time for tennis =D
Interfaculty tennis will be from 9am (you need to be available at this time) at the manning courts next Wednesday (Week 4)

The game format is 1 singles female, 1 singles male, and 1 doubles mixed, so we need at least one male and one female player for each round, but can have up to 4. New players can play in any round.

You’ll need to bring your own racquet or borrow one from someone, balls are provided.

If you want to play, PLEASE POST the times you’ll be available during the day. There is an event wall on our facebook group: google “SciSoc Interfaculty Sports!” or go here.

Also post your EXPERIENCE – due to lack of places we will probably take the best person/s to play for us – last year science came 2nd so we want to maintain our streak! 🙂

And remember, our team colour is sky blue, so either wear your SciSoc t-shirt (do it) or something else that’s a similar colour.