Interfaculty Touch Football

hey guys we have two teams - please stick with the team you have been placed! Also remember we must have a minimum of 3 females on the field at any one time Team 1: 11am Craig Gabber Dani Herman Kate Shedden Harry Big-Dell Hallock Joe Callingham Kylie Killer-Kirk Charles Yates Sam Hewson Team 2: 12.30PM Sarah Wong Harry Winston Sorensen Ruby Dan tracey Annie Makovic Bri Clark Peter Giakoumelos Andrew Hendra if ur name doesnt appear on the list dw  u can still rock up to one of the timeslots. Also its a KO comp, if we make it past the first round the next games will be later in the day, so if u can't make it at these times pop by later to see if science is still playing. Also i have posted up the rules on the facebook group - please familiarise yourselves with then 🙂  ( remember to wear your scisoc shirt or a sky blue shirt.

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