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New Scientist Prize for Science Writing

newscientistprize-scisocnews SciSoc is pleased to unveil a shiny new competition we've created in collaboration with NewScientist! If you like science and want a shot at sharing in $2,500 of cash prizes and being published on, read on. Science is everywhere in our society, powering technological innovation and helping us understand the universe. But many people find it too complex to really grasp. Good writing about science can change that, bringing it to life and letting the public share in the sense of wonder that scientists experience in their work. The inaugural New Scientist Prize for Science Writing is encouraging Australian students to write up to 1000 words about a scientific issue. You could explore your own research or that of an academic here at Sydney, or unleash a fiery opinion piece about the controversial place of science in modern society. So what's in it for you? 1st prize wins $1,500 cash and will be published on 2nd prize is $750 and 3rd is $250; all three winners will also land a one-year subscription to New Scientist magazine. Entries are open from August 14 until September 24. Interested? Everything you need to know is online at Good luck, and happy writing! newscientistprize

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