PhySoc Views: Partial Solar Eclipse!

Due to popular demand, PhySoc has been trying very hard to arrange another Transit of Venus. Despite our best efforts we were unable to convince Venus to visit again as there is about a century long waiting list. However, for your enjoyment we are arranging a viewing of a Solar Eclipse instead on Friday (May 10th)

PhySoc will be setting up telescopes and other equipment outside the Quadrangle from approximately 7:40am to view the eclipse, which will go until around 10:14am.To keep everyone energised, as it is a Friday after all, we will likely be providing some form of breakfast for Access and Non-Access attendees.

DISCLAIMER: Regardless of if you attend the event or not, please DO NOT view the sun with the naked eye (ever), as it has the potential to cause permanent damage. Solar Viewing glasses can be purchased from locations such as observatories or borrowed from our event.