Help Fund Science Revue!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, Science Revue is a show with sketch comedy, musical numbers and dances, run by and for science students, and it needs your help! Science Revue need to raise money in the months leading up to the premiere in mid-September for costumes, props and also feeding the cast during their long hours of rehearsal. Almost all of the show’s money is earned through ticket sales, which only comes in after the show finishes.

Science Revue also donates any remaining money towards the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which provides support and services to Australians with cystic fibrosis, as well as their carers and families, so all money you pledge to Science Revue not only helps it put on a fantastic show, but will also contribute to their donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

To donate, head on over here and check out the rewards they offer to contributors!

SciSoc BBQ’s Are Back! (Alright!)

After a maddening two-week delay, SciSoc BBQ make a gracious return to Carslaw Lawns this Wednesday (14/11/13), and will be on every odd week this semester from now on! Once again, come around to claim your complementary sausage, bread, parasitic Pacific lamprey, veggie patty, salad, cheese and drink. While you’re there, come meet your fellow SciSocers once again and discuss the horrors of Semester 2 classes.

This is free for wearers of the official 2013 SciSoc shirt, $2 for access card holders and $6 for everyone else.


SciSoc General Meeting: Week 3

SciSoc will be having a General Meeting at 12-1PM on Friday, 16th of August in Manning Meeting Room 1 to vote on the motion to merge the roles of Vice President and Sponsorship Officer.


The full agenda is as follows:







Constitutional Changes proposed:

5.2 The Vice President shall:

a) Deputise for the President.

To be amended to

5.2 The Vice President shall:

a) Deputise for the President

b) Seek out prospective sponsors and produce material for distribution.

c) Organise meetings for the executive to showcase the Science society to said sponsors.

d) Write sponsorship contracts, to be signed by the President and company representative.


[6.1 The executive committee shall consist of] j Sponsorship Officer

To be removed


6.2i. The Sponsorship Officer shall:

-Seek out prospective sponsors and produce material for distribution.

– Organise meetings for the executive to showcase the Science society to said sponsors.

– Write sponsorship contracts, to be signed by the President and company representative.

To be removed








If there are any queries about the meeting or the agenda, please contact us at

Brain Break Trivia

In order to prepare you for National Science Week next week, , SciSoc and the University’s Faculty of Science invites you to put your minds to the test. On Thursday (8th of August), the New Law Foyer will become the Colosseum for scientific minds to prove who is the very best. Register here before the event, and you’ll even get a free lunch and drink to enjoy as you complete the trivia! Come along as a team, or if you are new to the Uni there will be mentors for First Year groups who may well surprise us all.

If you’re interested in what else the university is putting on during National Science Week, check out the page here!


SciSoc’s Start of Semester 2 Labcoat Pubcrawl

Class is back in session, and you’re probably starting to question why you’re doing some (or all) of the subjects that you’re doing, and you’re really confused. Well, brave scientist, fear not! Join your fellow SciSoc members at Hermann’s on this Friday afternoon, bring your labcoat, and indulge in some drinks with us. Afterwards, we’ll be making our way into Newtown to continue the crawl. A full list of bars TBA.


SciSoc at Re-O Day!

For those of you who missed O-Week, and therefore your chance to sample the uni’s clubs and societies program, never fear! Wednesday is Re-O Day, and SciSoc will be there with its very own stall! Our stall is number 27, on Eastern Avenue, near to STA Travel’s stall and in front of and to the right of the Law Lawns. Come over and say hi to our friendly exec!

As said above, Re-O Day is a chance to secure your tickets to Bucky Ball 2013 very early! If you would like to buy your tickets on the day, make sure to bring your money and Access card or number to our stall! Try to get in as early as possible, so that you don’t miss out on an amazing night!

If you haven’t already, you can buy your official SciSoc 2013 T-Shirt there!  It will be available in five different colours (Green, Red, Burgundy, Dark Blue and Light Blue) and in four sizes (S, M, L, XL). It will cost $10 with Access and $15 for Non-Access. Remember, if you come to any of our fortnightly BBQs this year wearing this t-shirt, the food will be absolutely free! Note that colours and sizes are limited, and so the exact size and colour combination you might want may not be available.


SciSoc Presents: Bucky Ball 2013. Live Life to the Fullerene!

Get ready for the blockbusting spectacle of 2013, coming from SciSoc Studios, it’s BUCKY BALL 2013! This is the Society’s annual formal event, with black tie attire and a sit-down dinner, and it’s happening on 12th October (Saturday, Week 10). The theme this year is Red Carpet. Think big, gather your co-stars, put on your best show-stopping attire and, for one night, live life to the Fullerene!

Time: Doors open at 6:45pm
Date: Saturday, 12th October 2013
Venue: The Turbine Room, Powerhouse Museum
Cost: $70 Access, $80 Non-Access
Theme: Red Carpet

Tickets will be available for purchase on Eastern Ave later during semester. Tickets will also be available for purchase at our stall on Re-O Day, on Wednesday (31/01/13)! Online ticket sales are also coming soon.

If you have 9 friends who you would like to dine with on the same table for the night, contact Jessica Estephan at <> for a 10% discount for the total cost of the tickets!


Bucky Ball Poster No Spotlight

End of Semester Drinks

SciSoc, PhySoc, SUMS, Alchemists Society and PSYCHE are coming together to bring all their members a super duper, ultra, mega, massively huge, gigantic, big, epic post-exam drinks! this will happen at Hermans, 2pm on the 28th of June (the second Friday of exams). It’s a great way to meet with your friends following the awful two weeks that were exams, so you can cry about them over drinks. Or if you’re one of those people who actually studied, you can celebrate over drinks! You’ll get 2 drink vouchers upon arrival. As the afternoon progresses, there will be additional drink vouchers floating around.

This event is free with Access and $10 without Access.



The Alchemists Society GM

The Alchemists Society, a society for those who are interested in all things chemistry, are holding a General Meeting in Room 239 in the School of Chemistry on Tuesday, 4-5pm. Free food for all attendees is promised.