A Huge Thank-You to Cruise Attendees!

SciSoc thanks everyone who made the effort to join us on a cold Thursday night out on the harbour for our annual cruise! We’re truly humbled by the huge amount of attendees (313, in case you were wondering). We saw in some absolutely amazing costumes, most of which were rather… eclectic choices of future occupations. Congratulations to our three prizewinners for best costumes, respectively Linus as a Space Pirate, Liam as a Blue Power Ranger and Will as a Ghostbuster! We hope you had as much of a smashing night as we did, and we hope to see you at more of our events, including our fortnightly barbecues and Bucky Ball next semester!

Photos will be uploaded soon on our official Facebook page, so keep an eye out!



Submissions for Aqua Regia: May Edition!

If you are a budding journalist or creative writer, or even if you have something you need to get off your hugely scientific chest, SciSoc is a good place to start! Our super-duper lovely Aqua Regia editors are looking for draft submissions for the May edition of our monthly publication, the Aqua Regia! If you would like to make a contribution to the Aqua Regia, please email our editors at aquaregia2013@hotmail.com with an outline of your idea as soon as possible, and completed drafts of articles to the same address by Monday, 29th April.

Aqua Regia is also looking for submissions for its ‘Overheards’ section, so if you hear anything funny, suss or weird while you’re out and about, send it to our editors at aquaregia@hotmail.com!
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SciSoc BBQ #5: Back to Normal

After a hectic past two weeks, SciSoc’s BBQ schedule is back to normal this Wednesday (24th April) as barbecues returns to a fortnightly schedule. Like all others, come down to Carslaw Lawns from 12-2pm and grab a sausage or bubble and squeak, salad, cheese, Valyrian Steel blade and drink and hang around for a chat with SciSoc regulars, and even new friends from our cruise last week! We’ll also be selling our official 2013 T-shirts, so if you still haven’t picked one up yet, come and get yours for $10 if you have an Access card and $15 if you don’t!

The BBQ will be free if you’re wearing the current 2013 SciSoc t-shirt, $2 with an access card (and no SciSoc t-shirt) and $6 for non-Access, non-T-shirt.


SciSoc BBQ #4

Deviating from our usual fortnightly schedule, SciSoc is bringing out the BBQ this week on Wednesday (17th April)! It’ll be the same time and place as usual, 12-2pm at Carslaw Lawns. Come around to grab yourself a sausage sandwich, salad, cheese, complementary mammoth and drink and hang around for a chat with your fellow SciSocers. This week, we’re also releasing the April edition of the Aqua Regia, so make sure you grab that too!

This is also the day before the cruise, so if we still have tickets left by then, this could be the last opportunity to grab a cruise ticket. If you decide to snap up a last-minute ticket, you’ll get a free feed!

Prices are $2 for Access, $6 for non-Access and FREE if you’re wearing the 2013 SciSoc t-shirt, or if you buy a Cruise ticket at the BBQ.



SciSoc BBQ #3: Return of the Sausage

After a two-week absence from Carslaw Lawns, SciSoc makes its return this week on Wednesday (10th April) with another (sort of) fortnightly BBQ! Come along to Carslaw Lawns between 12-2pm for a snag or Bubble n’ Squeak, salad, cheese and a soft drink! This week, you can also purchase tickets to the cruise at the BBQ, and with that purchase, you can get a free sausage!

It’s $2 for Access, $5 for Non-Access and FREE for those who come wearing the official 2013 SciSoc T-Shirt!


SciSoc’s Charity Bake Sale #1!

Has the Easter Break has left you with an insatiable craving all things sugary and sweet? Have no fear, SciSoc is here! We’re holding a bake sale from 11am-2pm on Tuesday (9th April) outside the School of Chemistry on Eastern Ave, and best of all, all proceeds are going to charity!

That’s right, for once, your sugar addiction can turn a life around! This time, the charity of choice is the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation, an organisation that assists Indigenous Australian children access facilities for secondary and tertiary education that is otherwise far from their reach. You can find out more about them here.

If you would like to contribute a plate of baked goods to the sale, send a message to our official Facebook page! Additionally, if you buy a ticket for the Cruise at the Bake Sale, you get a baked treat of your choice FOR FREE! Come and indulge in oven-fresh goodness, for the sake of Indigenous Education!

Bake Sale

Science Revue Auditions!

Calling all actors, singers, dancers and comedy connoisseurs! If you feel the laboratory or the lecture theatre just cannot handle the glory that is your talent, look no further! Our crazy, wonderful friends over at Science Revue are inviting you to audition for this year’s Science Revue! For those of you unfamiliar with Science Revue, it’s an onstage collection of songs, sketches and dances that goes off like a firework on a waterski!  Revue is a fantastic opportunity to have a go with performing on stage, and people with little-to-no experience are just as welcome as people with lots of it. You’ll also make loads of friends!

Auditions are happening on Weeks 6 and 7, and you can find a specific schedule here. You can audition for acting, singing and dancing, and you can audition for as many as you’d like!



SciSoc Interfac Sport: Ultimate Frisbee!

This week on Wednesday (10th April), the sport for the Interfaculty Sports program is Ultimate Frisbee, and once again, the Science Faculty needs YOU to channel your inner athlete (be they LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo or Michelle Obama) and lead it to victory! We need both boys, girls and anything in between to field a team! Come along, tell your friends (especially the ones who know their way around disc-shaped objects), and smack the other faculties down like the hand of God! We’re up against Medicine first, at the Square (the playing field next to Manning Tennis Courts). If you are interested in competing, visit our Facebook event and make yourself known!



SciSoc’s First Year Movie Viewing Night: Flubber!

Coming to the International Student Lounge near you (it’s in Level 4, Wentworth): a viewing of the Robin Williams classic, Flubber! That’s right, SciSoc and its First Year Committee are inviting you to join them and watch Flubber on Thursday (11th April) at 5:45! You’ll be provided with cheap pizza, popcorn and chocolate to snack on as scientific chaos ensues onscreen! Come along in your best PJ’s, especially if you’re in first year! Come, and you might even win one of two fabulous (read: edible) raffle prizes just for showing up! You’ll have so much fun, you’ll need a change of clothes.

Prices are $4 for Access and $10 for Non-Access.


A Thank You to Trivia Attendees!

SciSoc thanks everyone who came along and participated in our Trivia Night last week for the astounding turnout (full house!). We hope that all who came had as much fun answering the questions as we did creating them for you, that it was an enriching and educational experience for all who attended, and that learning facts like the collective noun for a group of albatrosses or the secret identity of Rorschach will some day save your life!


You guys managed to fill up Manning Bar!