Represent Science in the Interfaculty 5KM Run!

Next Wednesday marks the end of the Interfaculty Sports competition this year, with the much loved 5km Run! Each faculty gets one point per participant that signs up and finishes the run, thus rendering the points earned throughout the year pretty negligible. Unlike other weeks, the most coordination one needs to participate is sequentially putting one foot in front of the other really quickly and repeating for success. If it helps, during the run, you can imagine yourself chasing the rare-and-also-never-on-time 370 down City Road, or running all the way back home from the bus stop after you realise you’ve left your lab coat on the couch on lab day. In fact, the name of the event is sort of a lie, because it’s perfectly fine to walk the entire course without running ever being involved.

If you would like to participate, simply turn up to the Sydney University Number 1 Oval at 3pm to sign up. All participants will be given sausage sizzle, in case the SciSoc BBQ did not provide enough BBQ goods.