Save Our Biology Subjects!

The School of Biological Sciences (SoBS) recently announced some prospective changes to the Biology curriculum, which will possibly take place in 2012. The proposed changes are as follows:

  • For second year students studying Biology in 2013, from the 9 subjects currently on offer, only 6 will be available.
  • For third year students in 2013, instead of having 15-16 subjects to choose from, they now only have 8.
  • Out of the 4 subjects that used to be offered as intensive field work courses, only 2 will exist.
  • All third year ‘Plant Biology’ subjects will merge into 1 6CP subject, two Ecology subjects will merge into one, and Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBLG) also faces cuts.

These changes have yet to be confirmed as a review of this hasn’t been officially released, however lecturers and other members of the SoBS have failed to inform students of any changes or consult students on their thoughts. Such reductions in the courses are said to limit internal choice within Biology, create bigger class sizes, put more pressure on staff, and in the event that a student fails a subject, they will be forced to repeat the subject until they pass, to maintain that major in biology.

Currently a large group of students in the Faculty of Science are fighting this reduction, and they want your help.
For more information visit the Facebook group at

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