Science Revue Auditions!

Calling all actors, singers, dancers and comedy connoisseurs! If you feel the laboratory or the lecture theatre just cannot handle the glory that is your talent, look no further! Our crazy, wonderful friends over at Science Revue are inviting you to audition for this year’s Science Revue! For those of you unfamiliar with Science Revue, it’s an onstage collection of songs, sketches and dances that goes off like a firework on a waterski!  Revue is a fantastic opportunity to have a go with performing on stage, and people with little-to-no experience are just as welcome as people with lots of it. You’ll also make loads of friends!

Auditions are happening on Weeks 6 and 7, and you can find a specific schedule here. You can audition for acting, singing and dancing, and you can audition for as many as you’d like!