SciSoc Labcoat Pubcrawl 2.0

What did you say? You want another Labcoat Pubcrawl before the end of semester?

Well guess what, here’s one we prepared earlier (it’s a link to it, trust me)! Because that’s right we can read your minds.

On Wednesday, kicking it off at Hermann’s at 6:00pm where you’ll get some quantity of drink free, courtesy of the exec and their happy-go-lucky cheque book.
Kuletos has their happy hour from 6:00-7:30 so that’s our next stop!
From there we’ll walk over to the Marly Bar, eventually make our way over to Kelly’s.
Start staggering over to Coopers. Then begin the crawl to Zanzibar. And wherever else you can drag yourselves over to!

Bring yourself, your lab coat and permanent markers and we’ll see you all there!

And for Evolution’s sake, if you write on labcoats be creative! This is mutually exclusive with drawing anything phallic. Suggestion: write an acrostic poem, using the person’s name. Naww, how cute!