SciSoc’s Charity Bake Sale #1!

Has the Easter Break has left you with an insatiable craving all things sugary and sweet? Have no fear, SciSoc is here! We're holding a bake sale from 11am-2pm on Tuesday (9th April) outside the School of Chemistry on Eastern Ave, and best of all, all proceeds are going to charity! That's right, for once, your sugar addiction can turn a life around! This time, the charity of choice is the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation, an organisation that assists Indigenous Australian children access facilities for secondary and tertiary education that is otherwise far from their reach. You can find out more about them here. If you would like to contribute a plate of baked goods to the sale, send a message to our official Facebook page! Additionally, if you buy a ticket for the Cruise at the Bake Sale, you get a baked treat of your choice FOR FREE! Come and indulge in oven-fresh goodness, for the sake of Indigenous Education! Bake Sale

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