Second-Hand Bookstore now re-open!

Our exceedingly well-staffed bookstore will be open from 11am-2pm Monday-Friday for the first several weeks of semester. We hope to provide you with high-quality textbooks at the fraction of the retail price.

As well as selling textbooks, we are currently looking for intermediate and senior students to sell their second-hand books with us. If there is any point in the year, anybody could use with come extra cash it is now, and that includes you! We know how tiresome it can be to find a buyer for that potential hundreds of dollars that is now just bending your bookcase, but luckily we can take all that hard work out for you.

Just come along with your books and we’ll send you the cheque when they are sold, or send us an email with a list of those that you have. Either way big bucks could be on your way!