SciSoc is not merely a collection of science students; it’s also responsible for a heap of fun and sometimes crazy social events for all its members. There are two massive events every year. SciSoc’s themed cruise in Semester 1 is where we’ve seen costumes from Pikachu to Einstein (and quite a few naughty nurse outfits in between). Top that off with a generous bar tab, and Sydney Harbour views; we’ve always got ourselves a night to remember.

The second and biggest gathering is our Bucky Ball in Semester 2, which involves SciSoc members donning their black ties and bejeweled gowns for an extravagant night of eating, dancing and drinking in a room full of jovial, similarly well-dressed peers.

On top of these two major events SciSoc hosts a number of other events and activities including First Year Camp, fortnightly BBQs, a Semester 1 Cocktail party, pub-crawls and first year events which keep even the most restless of University students entertained throughout the academic year.

So come along and have some fun with your social program directors for 2017 Ben and Jake, who you can contact at