T-Shirts T-Shirts T-Shirts!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bacteria and Germs,

Please keep an eye out in your e-mails over the next few days for messages about your T-shirts — we have reason to believe they will be able to be picked up at some time this week!

“But Bec,” I hear you ask, “What if I wanted to get a stylish and sexy shirt, but didn’t because you didn’t have my size?”

“Well then!” I would reply, “Come along to the SciSoc BBQ THIS WEEK on WEDNESDAY to pick up a shirt  [$10 Access/$15 Non-Access]

All you can eat AND totally free if you’re in a smashing shirt! Plus, it’s a great way to make new friends in your lectures!”

Don’t believe me? Meet Fred over here. Fred, tell the nice people your story:

I was such a loser. It was week 11, and I didn’t have any friends in my lectures. Everyone was all “Fred, you suck and you don’t wear cool clothing”. So I went and bought a SciSoc shirt, and suddenly, I’m the coolest guy in first year chem! Thanks, SciSoc! You made me look awesome!

We sure did, Fred. We suuuure did.

$10 Access/ $15 Non-Access