BuckyBall 2011: A Royal Affair

Kings, Queens, Princes & Princesses, Dukes & Dutchess, Barons & Baronesses, even the Court Jester… And peasants too I suppose; From King Arthur & Merlin to Prince William & Kate – If you can call it royal, then we want you to wear …

It’s that time of year again folks, where we dress up for the night of nights, the University of Sydney Science Society BuckyBall! Our traditional end of year formal is on again and we want you to be a part of it.

Tickets on sale from Wednesday Week 1 in the SciSoc Office!

When 7:00pm-12:00am, Wednesday, 20 August 2011
Where Dockside, Darling Harbour
Cost $85 Access/$100 Non-Access

Start of Semester Labcoat Pubcrawl!

If you missed out last time, here’s what you missed…. … …… Well, I can’t quite remember! But it sure was fun editing the drawings on my labcoat to make them more “PG” for lab the next week. Or maybe that’s just our Vice-President? Either way, what’s a better way to ring in the semester than to get drunk with science students that you don’t know but will probably be best friends with by the end of the night while simultaneously destroying their labcoat with your drunken artwork.

5pm, MANNING BAR. Be there.


We have MOVED! To the Carslaw lawns, as seen on your left as you walk from Carslaw to Wentworth.

As excited as we are to be back please keep in mind, SciSoc does not endorse leaping off the footbridge onto the grass beside Carslaw. The BBQ will still be there as you walk down the footbridge, alongside it and then under it.

When 12:00pm-1:30pm, Wednesday, 25 July 2011
Where Behind Carslaw lawns
Cost Dressed in 2011 SciSoc T-shirt: FREE!
Otherwise: $2 Access/$5 Non-Access

Welcome Back!

Hopefully you have all had a wonderful Winter break and are psyched to get in to Semester 2. Or, you may have been like me and dropped a unit because I didn’t want to go to the 8am lecture this morning… Either way, just remember – it will soon be over and we can then spend 4 months frolicking in the sun. Until then, read on for the events SciSoc have in store to help you make it through semester!

Some of these events include:

– LabCoat Pubcrawl

– Fundraising Week

– BuckyBall: A Royal Affair

Week 3 BBQ

Imagine this: It’s Wednesday. It’s 12pm. You’re hungry. You have a grand total of $2 to your name (Those damn textbooks!).

What are you to do?!

But wait, you just caught glance at your attire, in the glass of the Eastern Ave complex – and in your rush to get ready while half asleep because if you don’t leave now, you’ll miss your train – you have discovered you’ve donned your 2011 SciSoc T-Shirt.

Well friends, this is your lucky day! Because it’s week 3! And what does SciSoc’s run in week 3?

Need I say more? Didn’t think so!

When 12:00pm-1:30pm, Wednesday, 16 March 2011
Where Front of Chemistry Building

BBQ Location Map

Cost Dressed in 2011 SciSoc T-shirt: FREE!
Otherwise: $2 Access/$5 Non-Access

Week 1 BBQ

Meet and greet your science buddies at this week’s SciSoc all-you-can-eat BBQ – for FREE if you are dressed in the smoochingly stylish 2011 SciSoc T-shirt!

Enjoy yummy sausage sizzles with refreshing garden salads and tasty cheese fillings. As always, vegetarian-friendly options are available and extra-friendly service is guaranteed!

When 12:00pm-2:00pm, Wednesday, 02 March 2011
Where Back of Chemistry Building

BBQ Location Map

Cost Dressed in 2011 SciSoc T-shirt: FREE!
Otherwise: $2 Access/$5 Non-Access


Didn’t come see us during O-Week? Miss out on a T-Shirt?!

Never fear, you can still purchase a shirt and thus still receive a free BBQ this week – just pop up to our bookstore or come along to the first BBQ.

At the moment, we only have Large and XL in stock, but we are in the process of ordering Small and Medium, so buy one anyway and hang onto the receipt – you can still get a free BBQ if you bring this along, and as soon as the shirt is brought in, we will email you to let you know that you can come pick it up!

$10 with access/$15 non-access

Welcome to 2011

To our old members, welcome back. To our new ones, welcome!

I hope that the holidays have brought you some much needed down-time before another hectic year at University, alternately if you’re like me, then all you really want is for this semester to be over so you can be somewhere else other than University.  Either way, a warm hello and welcome to you all – it’s going to be a great semester (SciSoc wise anyway, I can’t promise this about anything else).

First on the agenda? BBQ of course! And wait, what’s this? A new event?! A pub-crawl? Of the lab coat persuasion? Tell you more? … I will, later on in this email 🙂

Are you excited yet? Me too! Scroll on for more news from our wonderful committee – until next time!

Love, The SciSoc Executive

Volunteer opportunity: Science Mentoring Program in 2011

The Faculty of Science is now accepting expressions of interest for the Science Mentoring Program in 2011. This program links senior student mentors with new first year students, to help them find their way around uni and get to know the ropes (which subjects to choose, which societies to join, etc.).

If this appeals to you, have a look at the mentor website: http://sydney.edu.au/science/cstudent/ug/smlp_mentors and follow the link to the online Mentor Registration Form. You’ll need to complete this form by November 20 to be eligible.