Transit of Venus: Physoc’s Day in the Sun

This year will be the last transit of Venus any of you will ever see in your lives - it'll be 120 years before the next one. So let's not miss it! It will be taking place on Wednesday, 6 June (next week!) Our friends at Physoc are organising to observe the transit of Venus safely with a solar telescope from the Quadrangle Lawns. There will be lectures from several professors in the School of Physics about solar and planetary astronomy, optics and history. There will also be a barbecue on the Botany Lawns in the shade near the telescope - free for Access members, $5 for non-Access, with sausages and a vegetarian option to boot. I hope you all can make it, this twice-in-a-lifetime event is really going to be something you can tell your grandchildren about - because there's every chance your own children will never see one! Check out their facebook event at Here's the facebook link to the event!! and see what they have to say!

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