USU, Union Board Elections and You

Hey guys, On a more serious note than we usually give you, I'd like to take a few moments to ask something of each and everyone one of our amazing members and access card/student card holders. Every year, as the older students are more than aware, for two weeks, we get bombarded with colourful T-shirts, pamphlets, lecture bashing, chalking, and enthusiastic people asking you about union board. Most years, people forget about it, or vote to make them leave them alone. This year, instead of just voting for friends, for who your friends ask you to vote for, SciSoc would like you to please try and be an informed voter, and vote for the best candidates possible, and not just because someone made a campaign video that made you laugh. This year, the University will be terminating its agreement with the union board regarding the rights to Manning and Wentworth, and there is a whole lot of uncertainty about the future of the University of Sydney Union and how everything will continue from December 31st this year. So if you like Manning, like Access discounts, and like being part of cool things like SciSoc, please just take a few moments to read through the candidate information included in The Bull, or go to this website and find out about your future board members. Now, more than ever, we need a strong union board who will keep fighting for you. Don't vote for who your friends, your tutors or your society leaders tell you to -- take the time, listen to the fast talking people in bright shirts as they walk you to class, and please be an informed voter. And, most importantly, Vote on May 25th. There's a $5 free food voucher in it for you.

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