What happened at the AGM

A very, very big thank you to everyone who came to our Annual General Meeting, as a result of that meeting the following executive was elected: President: Isaac Carney elected unopposed.
VP: Alex Trussell elected, after a vote. Treasurer: Jessica Estephan elected unopposed. Secretary: Tom Diep elected, after a vote. Sports Officer: Mike Crawford elected, after a vote and Alannah Craig elected unopposed. First Year Officer: Rachel Hu elected unopposed. Aqua Regia Editor: Aneka Larsen and Madeleine Fitzpatrick elected unopposed. Careers Officer: Tony Cai elected unopposed. Social Program Director: Susie Lauer and Lucy Baker elected, after a vote. Welfare Officer: Therese Apolonio elected, after a vote. Publicity Officer: Rory Anderson and Cameron Hawkins, after a vote. Sponsorship Officer: Fahad Ali elected, after a vote.
If you need to contact us for any reason, our details are available on the SciSoc website's contact page.

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